Dimensions Variable

Man & Eve Gallery solo show
03.02.11 – 05.03.11
Kennington, London

Also shown at the V&A 2011

In ‘Dimensions Variable’, Clements presents a series of constructed ‘light objects’ that sit in juxtaposition with their surroundings of metal, wood and water. These compositions specifically explore the possibility that video can be used not as a linear sequence, but as a way to view an object in another time frame. Inspired partly by ideas in minimal and experimental music, which often involves the continuous and repetitive observation of a
single evolving sound idea, Clements has stripped away all narrative and progression in these ‘light objects’. The video projection becomes a sculptural element or lens that permits the gradual observation of an object that could not otherwise be seen with the naked eye.
The method and materials used in the filming process also become part of the artwork; the solid, physical object presented alongside its manipulated video counterpart. What we see in these ‘light objects’ is an altered memory of an event that happened – a moment in time seen in its entirety – or the fourth dimension of time, collapsed into the three spatial dimensions. The objects did exist in a particular environment for a particular moment in time, but it took the action of the camera looking in order to see them in our time frame. The very act of observing them has changed their state.